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Making The Green Greener with Zero-Waste Carbon Filters

     The legalization of cannabis has added to Canada’s insatiable appetite for energy. The irony is remarkable; cultivating this little green plant is anything but “green”. A glutton for waste, as the Cannabis industry goes mainstream so will it’s significant toll on the environment, but not for long.

     Blade Filters is the first carbon air filter company in Canada to provide a zero-waste solution through their replaceable carbon cartridges. This simple, yet innovative, product offers an alternative to the common single-use, disposable, carbon filters.

     Traditionally, when the carbon in a filter is exhausted, and it no longer filters out the odour, growers are required to replace the entire unit. With Blade Filters, a quick switch of only the carbon cartridge will do the trick. Blade Filters offers clients a complete recycling program. How does this work? The used carbon cartridges are collected, the exhausted carbon is donated to companies who make use of it, the metal cartridge is then sanitized and refurbished or properly recycled- zero waste. What makes this even better is that by only replacing the carbon cartridge, instead of the entire filter, growers are saving 20-30% in costs.

     Their positive impact on the environment has not gone unnoticed. This year, founders Giancarlo Sessa, Aedan Fida, and Joseph Fida have been nominated for both the Green Deed(s) award as well as the Environmental Impact award by O’Cannabiz, a B2B event connecting thousands of experts across the industry to form the culture of legalized cannabis in Canada.

     To help with the sustainability of the industry, Blade Filters is attempting to make the green, greener, one filter at a time. This is just the beginning of their success story.

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Written by: Stephanie Leonardelli

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