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Seven Benefits of Implementing a HEPA-Carbon Air Filter In The Workplace

Blade Filters' HEPA-Carbon Air Filter removes up to 99.97% of airborne particulate matter. We’ve created a list of some of the benefits of implementing these filters in your workplace.

1. Removes 99.97% of germs and viruses in the air.

The HEPA-Carbon air filter utilizes a five-step filtration process to ensure optimal breathable air by removing up to 99.97% of airborne particulate matter. Germs and viruses in the air get trapped into the system and removed from the air.  

2. Employees feel more safe in the workspace.

Air purification systems ensure optimal breathable air for people in the workspace. Employees will be more willing to return to work knowing there is an air filtration process removing volatile organic compounds from the air.

3. Shows customers that you care about safety.

Your relationship with customers can improve by implementing this safety measure during these unprecedented times. Customers are more likely to shop and go to places where protection is implemented as opposed to somewhere that is not taking any precautions.

4. Removes seasonal allergens.

Pollen and other airborne allergens are removed from the air. This creates a better environment for employees and customers who suffer from seasonal allergies.

5. Removes triggers for asthma attacks.

Carbon used in conjunction with HEPA filters are known for trapping dust, lint, mold spores, pet hair and other impurities in the air. This can help decrease the chance of someone getting an asthma attack.

6. Removes smoke particles and tobacco.

HEPA filters remove smoke particles, tobacco contaminants and other associated odours from the air.

7. Removes unpleasant odours.

Odour particles get trapped into the filter which removes unwanted odours in the air. This creates a more pleasant environment for employees and customers.



Mar 28, 2021 • Posted by ejipumxqkl

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Jul 21, 2020 • Posted by Blade Filters

Hi Mariam!

Appreciate the input!

For more specific, technical, details on our HEPA-Carbon Air Filter please visit It will provide you with all the data you have requested. If you would like to know more information, please feel free to reach out!

99.97% removal is common for many HEPA filters. However, we use a 17" long and 1.5" thick carbon bed carbon filter in our unit, in addition to the HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of airborne particulate matter at 0.3microns in size. Whereas many other filters on the market are using only a carbon sheet. Our carbon filter will help remove any VOCs in the air and other inorganic compounds.

I hope that helps!

Jul 09, 2020 • Posted by Mariam Joy

This is just my opinion in regards to the benefits of implementation you have mentioned.
1. Most of the benefits are general. I have seen the removal of 99.97% in most of the air filter products like Honeywell, Levoit
2. Benefit number 5 seems to be specific but the remaining are somewhat generalised. It’s not mentioning why this product is unique from others.
3. Just a suggestion, if you could include the construction/design specifications, noise level if any, ease of use specific to this particular product that would be great. Also the size of microbes that gets trapped in it if applicable

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